Hadis Malekie class on Morphing in Animation -Wafflensie

Animated Morph: Easy-Peasy Frame by Frame GIF & Video

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“Which color palette suits a romantic Scene?”

Meet Silent Storytellers:
Secrets of Visual Storytelling with Colors

Colors are silent storytellers,
they can deliver emotions and tell stories.

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“We want to watch the story of your art”

3 Classes in 1 Art Project:
Stop-Motion Basics +
Video Editing +
Social Media Marketing

Enter one class and taking 3 classes is like taking one ticket and watching 3 movies.

Welcome to the world of Media, AR and VR.
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“Pomegranates Can be Oranges, Be One of The illusionists in the history of animation”

Animated Morph:
Easy-Peasy Frame by Frame GIF & Video

This class is ready for you. 

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“Start your programming path and earn your first badge”

Gabbing with Pinocchio;
Programming for Beginners:
Input & Output in Small Basic

The art of programming for your brain’s left hemisphere.
Competitive programming for joy & fun.

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NFT Market Strategies in NFT Artists

Take it for $129 or receive it as a GIFT

GIFT Course for Top Students
-posting one project in any of my classes,
-and posting one review,
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