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Algorithm! a word you might have heard a lot …
Al-Khwarizmi (محمد بن موسی خوارزمی) was a Persian scientist and polymath. His name gave rise to the word “Algorithm
Have you ever struggled with decisions and not knowing where to start?
Have you ever get confused in taking steps of solving a problem in daily life?
By learning algorithmic thinking you can feel more comfortable in those situation. And programming with fun is a great way to practice algorithmic thinking.

Do you think programming is difficult? 
Do you feel you can not learn it?
Do you have a limiting belief like I am too young for it or I am older than the proper age to learn? 
Do you think it is boring? 
May be they are all myth! 
Come with me in my WaffleCode classes and we together taste the fun and joy of learning programming. 

Do you get confuse about choosing what programming language to learn? 
Programming language is the same as learning a new language. When I started to learn English it too me 3 month only to learn the alphabets, and years to learn it. But when I started learning French the process was so much faster for me. The same is for learning a programming language, first one takes time  to learn but it is so much faster for the second and third one. So it is important you learn the first one with joy not to get frustrated about the whole topic but instead find a good feeling about it. 

In this class I have chosen a programming language that is easy to learn “Small basic”.
The same as you buy a simple and good bicycle to learn riding it, and then after that you switch to a more professional bicycle such as mountain bicycle, city bicycle, …  here we start with Small Basic to learn and then you switch to whatever you like in future based on your goal. The basics are the same.

In this class I will give you some tips about starting. You don’t need any special equipment, just the device that use to attend this class is enough. 
Then we learn how to access or install Small Basic.
After we create our character (for me it is Pinocchio), we program our character to say hi to us and start a monologue
Then we teach our character to form a dialogue with us, for example call our name. 
After that we give colors to our character to decorate the text and background with colors
In the final lesson I ask you to write your future ideas to develop this program more and more. 

See you in the class. . . 

Class Project & Resources

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Project Small Basic Hi Pinocchio Hadis Malekie Wafflensie
Project Small Basic Hi Pinocchio Hadis Malekie Wafflensie